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Hello everyone, Welcome to our new website! We have been hard at work to bring you something fresh and new. We have done our best to make the website navigable and easy to use. If you have any problems or suggestions to help us improve please let us know! .

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Beware of the knockoffs that look like the Atlasware bottle. Brought to the USA in 2007 we are the sole distributor of Atlasware stainless steel flasks in the United States, Canada, and South America. The Atlasware bottle is a stainless steel high quality bottle/flask. The flask is based on a special German technology designed to keep fluids cold or hot for extended periods of time by using technology used in the walls of spacecraft. The stainless steel used is of high grade and is hardened to withstand shocks or mechanical stress and with perfectly matching leak proof & thermal sealing characteristics.


30 Aug

August, 30 2016 13:05 pm

5 Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Water Bottles